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Flip Tease is a Pole Fitness Studio offering all levels and styles of pole classes, from beginners to advanced, conditioning, stretching, and dance. Please read below to help you find the class that is right for you!

Beginner 1, 6-week Series- This is an entry level class, no experience necessary. This level is the foundation of pole fitness.  Learning the basics while gaining strength, confidence and a connection with your own body. 1.5 hours, $100/six weeks
Please contact us to see when the next series begins! (A new session begins about every 3 weeks.)

Beginner 2, 6-week Series- This level continues the foundation by adding more moves with a little more difficultly. Continuing your growth, while still gaining strength, confidence and connection. 1.5 hours, $100/six weeks


Intermediate 1, 6-week Series- After feeling comfortable and confident in the beginner class, this is your next step. In this level we start to get our feet off the ground and on the pole. We begin to make our own movement experience in this level, possibly a little freestyle pole dancing. This class is ideal for a student coming back to pole after a long break. 1.5 hours, $20*

Intermediate 2, 6-week Series- This class moves you into inversions while still working on spins and floor moves. 1.5 hours, $20*

Advanced 1- This class is geared to those that have gone through the beginner and intermediate series and are looking for more challenge. 1.5 hours, $20*

Advanced 2- In this class we work on putting pole moves and floor work together. Classes include both static & spin pole. Solid inversions are suggested.  1.5 hours, $20*

Tease Play- Come work on moves that you learned in your weekly classes! Tease Play is open to all levels. Class consists of a short group warm-up, open pole time, and then ends with dancing. 2 hours, $10

It is offered the first Friday of each month, 6:30-8:30pm.

Beginner Spin Pole and Sexy Basics - with Freelance Instructor Leigh. The focus of this class is intro to spin pole but will include some fun and flirty skills to add to your pole and floor arsenal. Please bring socks and/or legwarmers! Stilettos always encouraged but not required. Check Timely for the next scheduled Date & Time.  1.5 hours, $20.

Freestyle Friday- Never miss a chance to dance! This class includes a short group warm-up and then goes right into dancing for the rest of the allotted time! We ALL dance together, sharing poles as needed. Everyone attending needs to have at least one song request** for the night. Bring your shoes if you want. Check Timely for the next scheduled Date & Time. $10.

Circuit Training & Pole Practice- This class is open to all levels. It is a full body work out incorporating the poles. It is great for cardio and strength building. Variations and modifications are always available. Check Timely for the next scheduled Date & Time. Check Timely for the next scheduled Date & Time. 1.5 hours, $20

Stretching for Pole Flexibility- In this one-hour class we will talk about the importance of flexibility, share tips & techniques on how to achieve increased flexibility, and of course, we will stretch together! Each class will vary- learning and working on specific stretches targeting the shoulders, back, side splits and middle splits. Open to all levels. Check Timely for the next scheduled Date & Time. 1 hour

Private & Semi-Private Classes- YES! We do offer private Pole Fitness classes. For more information, please contact Shelly at: (805) 619-9470.

Parties- YES! We do offer private parties for things such as bachelorette and birthday parties. (Pole and/or Chair parties available.) For more information, please contact Shelly at: (805) 619-9470.

Studio Rental Space- YES! We offer open studio time. Please contact us at: (805) 619-9470 for more details.

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